Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giving Unwanted Sweaters a Second Chance at LIFE

I’ve been a knitter since the age of five, and for me it’s all about the tactile experience plus the peace of mind that I feel when working with amazing yarn -- creating something uniquely my own and expressing myself. The yarn can be a soft and vibrantly dyed wool, mohair, angora or cashmere for this satisfying feeling to come over me. It’s all about the tactile experience; therefore, it wasn’t surprising to me to find out recently, while working with quality recycled adult sweaters by deconstructing and reconstructing them into little sweaters for small dogs, that it is equally as fulfilling because the process gave me a chance to exercise my creative abilities. Each sweater is uniquely individual based on what I have to work with because creating each individual dog sweater is like piecing together a puzzle.

I allow each individual sweater to take the lead in creating the process that determines how the pieces will be reconstructed for its new life. From sporty wools to luxurious cashmeres, or heavy winter wear to transitional light weights, it’s all exciting to work with to me. Each sweater chosen for a project has at least one outstanding quality – texture, softness, color or pattern – which draws me to the sweater in the first place. Each sweater is something I wish I could personally wear, and since I can’t, I feel they should be given a new life for a very special pet so that the knitted fabric can be enjoyed (felt) by both precious pet and owner.

View my dog sweater creations at:
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